Special Needs Support Services

My husband and I are the proud parents of a severely special needs son.  While on this journey we have learned a great deal about the importance of taking care of ourselves, nurturing and strengthening our marriage, and becoming strong advocates for our son.  In order to do this in an impactful way, we have discovered the need for self-education on medical and public school related issues.  We also believe in the absolute necessity for a team focused attitude when working with caregivers and school professionals.  We are eager to share our challenges and successes.  Learn more about us by clicking on the link to our radio and YouTube interviews below, purchasing my book about living a happy life with a special needs child (available on Amazon), or inviting us to speak at an event.

Radio Interview: click here  [Once on iTunes select The Challenges and Rewards of Raising a Special Needs
Child (7/16/13)]

YouTube Video:

A Place for Wyatt
Please click to watch the video.

Book Available on Amazon: Living a Happy Life with a Special Needs Child

Apply for Financial Support for Medical or Equipment Needs: ***Coming Soon***