When we are blessed with special-needs children, life looks very different when compared to typical families.  Depending on the severity of the disability, everyday can be a challenge.  When my son was an infant, I was scared to pick him up from daycare because it seemed like the nurse had a new issue to report daily about his health.  We were in and out of doctor offices and hospitals regularly for emergencies and follow-ups.  Life was complicated and frustrating.

It took about two years before it dawned on me that happiness looks different in our world.  We can indeed be extraordinarily happy with our special-needs children, but happiness can’t be defined using the typical world standards.  For us happiness is when our son remains healthy for long stretches of time, scheduling visits with friends and family that are supportive of our circumstances, and relaxing at home over the weekends to get re-charged for the coming week.  We have to stop shrouding our happiness with loss and re-define it to suit our new realities.  It’s an achievable goal.  Cheers to happiness!