In order for happiness to be lasting in our lives, we have to work on it daily.  A huge happiness disrupter is negative self-talk.  It is imperative that we manage this chatter closely.  According to the Financial Post’s article from October 16, 2013 entitled “How to Manage Your 40,000 Negative Thoughts a Day and Keep Moving Forward,” we process a lot of negativity.  The article states that we produce up to 50,000 thoughts, and 70% to 80% of them are negative.  We have to train ourselves to filter out the harmful in order to make room for the positive.  Here are some ideas that will proactively expose us to happy mental conversation.

  1. Hang out with people that have positive dispositions and are generally supportive.
  2. We need to treat ourselves once a week with something that brings a smile to our faces.  I love getting reflexology and acupuncture treatments.  These sessions provide relaxation, and they put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.
  3. Write nagging thoughts on pieces of paper and literally throw them in the garbage.
  4. Create a few goals and post them in a prominent place at home.  Our minds will be too busy trying to accomplish tasks, so we won’t have time to worry about the negative.

Recommended Reading:

Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guild, and other Everyday Psychological Injuries, by Guy Winch, Ph.D.