For the last 8 months I have been trying to get my insurance company to approve a semi-electric hospital bed for my son.  He is 9 years-old, has cerebral palsy as a primary diagnosis, and still sleeps in his crib.  Luckily he is short (so he still fits), but we keep him in this bed because it provides a measure of safety.  It has been incredibly frustrating dealing with my insurance because they seem so poised to say no for everything.  The first claim was denied because our durable medical equipment company erroneously requested a script from our son’s pediatrician for a fully-electric bed.  We already knew this was going to be denied, but the mistake wasn’t found until we appealed the claim.  It was revealed within the denial letter that a semi-electric bed would be a better option.  We submitted a new claim requesting a semi-electric bed and it was denied again.  The denial reason now is because they view this hospital bed as a personal comfort.  RIDICULOUS!  It amazes me how it is legal for the insurance companies to contradict themselves.  I am now enlisting the help of my congressman with my next appeal.  For all parents with special needs children who require medical equipment, keep the faith!  Don’t give up!  Appeal until you can’t appeal anymore!