Although it took 8 months of fighting with our insurance provider, Wyatt finally received his new hospital bed. We ultimately used an organization called Health Advocates to assist us in the process. They spoke directly with our insurer and coordinated efforts with the equipment company to get the denial reversed. I know insurance companies have policies to follow regarding what is covered, but as a customer it feels like they are always poised to say no. It also seems like approvals are only awarded to those who persevere. My advice is not to give up. If it is a much needed item or service, appeal each denial. Make sure to read denial letters carefully to ensure deadlines and protocol are met. Seek the help of doctors, nurse practitioners, and therapists to petition the insurance company on your behalf. Conduct research to find studies that demonstrate why a service or piece of equipment is essential for quality of life. Include these studies with your appeal letter. Keep fighting the good fight.