Have you heard of Posttraumatic Growth? I had not until I read an article in a wheelchair magazine around 2008.

There were several people profiled in the article that were wheelchair bound after experiencing awful accidents that robbed them of their mobility. Each person articulated (in different ways) how their lives were better after the accident, despite being confined to a wheelchair.

I too had experienced a similar mental shift after being on the special-needs journey with my severely disabled son. I was elated to discover I wasn’t by myself with my experience and the transformation process had a name! It is called Posttraumatic Growth. It is taking a horrible tragedy and turning it into a triumph. Instead of letting all of my son’s physical disabilities and medical issues consume me, I’ve chosen to help other special-needs families find a systematic way of handling the day to day, and finding their way back to happiness. I LOVE what I do now and would not change how I arrived on this path.