Childcare is an absolute necessity in all lives of working parents, but especially for parents of special-needs children.  Our options aren’t as vast.  We have had fabulous daycare experiences for the last ten years, but my husband and I were faced with a new dilemma this past summer.  We couldn’t continue with our current daycare because their hours changed, so we were stuck searching for another center for our severely disabled sixth-grader.  I feverishly searched and discovered no such center existed in our area.  We had to rethink our current childcare plan…fast.

One week before school started we found an awesome individual on  We’ve never had in-home care before, been an employer, or used a payroll service until our experience.  My husband and I are not spokespersons for this organization.  We are consumers who paid money for their services like all other subscribers.  I am compelled to sing their praises because this company has truly simplified our lives.  I posted an ad for care, people replied, I set-up interviews, and found the perfect person who bonded with our son immediately. also offers, through a subsidiary, payroll services that take care of everything except paying the bills.

I truly love the daycare center model, but having in-home care (with a top-notch caregiver) is tough to beat.  I’m appreciative to for making it easy to find people by expertise and geography.  This special-needs mama is very happy.